Agreement about provision of services related to tax declaration for individuals in the EU countries (hereinafter Service).

This Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) is a Distance Contract between SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" and the customer (hereinafter Client).
To apply for Service Client must:
Complete an Application form for receiving the Service and submit it to SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" in any possible way: during submission of application form on the website`s homepage (hereinafter Homepage) by ticking the box “I have read and accept's Terms of Service Agreement.”, by post, by telephone, at the local office, by e-mail;
Client should sign an Application form, a power of attorney and tax forms (hereinafter -Tax Pack) and send them by post or bring them to the office of SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM", thereby Client confirms their application for Service and agrees with these Terms and Conditions.
Client authorizes SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" on their behalf to fill, handle, sign documents and forms, send and receive correspondence in respect of the ordered Services, receive and cash UK tax refunds cheque (hereinafter Cheque), receive money into its account for tax refund intended for paying out to Client (this option only for Client applied for Irish tax refunds, UK self assesment, UK seafarer tax refuns, Finnish tax refunds only).
SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" arranges the Service basing on documents and information received from the Client, in accordance with the rules mentioned in the tax acts of the country where taxes have been paid.

SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" ensures that all personal data is treated as private and confidential. SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" has the right to use Client's personal data (to collect, store, register, administrate, tranfer, forward, etc.). The purpose of the data processing is the accounting of customers, delivery, supply and maintenance of the Service. The Client agrees that SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" has the right to process their personal data to achieve the above named aims in accordance with regulations.

SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" guarantees to provide professional Services related to tax declaration for individuals in EU countries listed on the Home page (hereinafter EU countries).

If Client has applied for Services related to tax refund (hereinafter Tax Refund), then the fee is based on a percentage of the refund amount received, subject to a minimum fee (hereinafter Commission fee).
Commission fee includes different services regarding tax refund Service (hereinafter Service Package – All inclusive). A list of Services is posted under "WHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR SERVICE PACKAGE" on the page Tax Refund. Commission fee is withheld or paid after money has been received from the tax authorities of the relevant EU country (hereinafter Tax Refund). Commission fee is calculated for each tax year separately.
 - If Tax Refund is €491 and over our fee is 10% of the refund received.
 - If Tax Refund is under €490 our fee is €49.
 - If Tax Refund is under €49 our fee is equal to the amount received.
 - If the amount of refund is €0 our fee is €0. No Win, No Fee.
If the Tax Office (hereinafter the Tax Office) sends a Cheque or transfers the Tax Refund to the bank account of SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM", SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" informs the Client about the Amount of refund, sends an invoice and pays the Amount of Refund to Client`s bank account after the Commission fee and other expenses for the delivered services are withheld from the Amount of Refund in accordance with the invoice.
Should the Client receive the Tax Refund directly from the Tax Office to their bank account, Client pays the Commission fee to EUTAXBACK.COM in accordance with invoice.

If Client has applied for Gernsey Tax Return Service, Client agrees to pay fee of €79 in advance before commencement of Service.
If Client has applied for NL Zorgtoeslag, Client agrees to pay fee of €49 in advance before commencement of Service.
If the UK Tax Office sends a Cheque to SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM", Client agrees to pay the cheque processing fee of 15 EUR per cheque.
If Client has applied for any other service that does not apply to receiving Tax Refund, the fee for extra service is set by discussion or in accordance with an open commercial offer placed on the Home page. Client makes the full payment in advance.
If Client has applied for Tax Refund Service, in individual cases SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM has right to request an advance payment from Client before commencement of Service.

Client has right to unilaterally refuse from Service within 14 days from the date of applying for Service by writing.
SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" has right to unilaterally refuse from providing the Service by notifying the Client.
The right to refuse from Service does not apply if SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" has already started delivering the Service but Client has not reimbursed the costs related to the provision of Service.
If Client refuses from Service 14 days after applying for Service, Client agrees to compensate the cost for providing the Service and to pay a penalty of €79 according to the invoice. OBLIGATIONS
In case of delayed payment, SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" charges Client a penalty of 0.5% of the amount for each delayed day.
Should Client fail to pay the Commission fee according to this Agreement on a voluntary basis or on request of SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM", SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" reserves the right to take a legal action and report the Client as a Bad Debtor to the relevant financial institution of Client’s residence country.
Client has no right to order one and the same Service at the same time by several persons or entities. Should Client order Service by several persons or entities at the same time, the Client agrees to compensate the cost for providing the Service and to pay a penalty of €79 in favour of SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" for providing the Service and according to the invoice.
Client and SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" commit to inform each other about any messages received from the Tax Office regarding the Service electronically or by telephone.
SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" is not responsible for the Service if Client has provided information that proved to be false, inaccurate, incorrect or misleading in any way, or if Client has a debt to the Tax Office or the Tax Office data indicates the fact that Client is not entitled to any tax refund.
SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" has the right unilaterally amend this Agreement. Amendments enter into force on the date when they were posted on the web-site under “Service Agreement”. Therefore, the Client is advised to check it regularly to receive these updates.
Any dispute between the Parties is solved through negotiations. In the event of a dispute under this Agreement, or should the Client like to doubt the quality of services delivered, Client can write a claim to SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM" guarantees to respond to within 5 working days. If the Parties can not resolve the dispute through negotiations, then any dispute, controversy or claim related to the Agreement or its contents shall be settled in court in the manner prescribed by the regulations.


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Contact details: Tel.: (371) 270 800 82; e-mail:; Registration number: 41503037472
IBAN: LV31HABA0551017683626; SWIFT / BIC: HABALV22
BANK: Swedbank AS; Bank Address: Balasta dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048, Latvija

Agreement approved by Mihails Isajevs, Director of SIA "EUTAXBACK.COM", on 24 November 2017